General Product Information and Sizing

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What are the unit sizes?

All units are 500mm long, 250mm high, with width dependant on the unit chosen.

What is the width of each Durisol unit?

The number in the product name refers to the width (in mm). So, for example, the D300 has a width of 300mm.

Does the design need to be to Durisol unit sizes?

No, we can accommodate any design out with modular size, the units just need cutting.

How many Durisol units are supplied in a pack?

D365 units have 30 in a pack, D300 units have 40 in a pack, D250 units have 50 in a pack and D170 units have 60 in a pack.

Will I need to buy insulation for the walls or is it included in the units?

Durisol D300 and D365 units will arrive on site with insulation pre-installed. D250 and D170 units are non-insulated.

Ordering, Training, Support and Delivery

Can I buy just a few Durisol units?

Generally, standard, faces and corners can be sold individually.

How do I work out how many I need?

Please send any drawings you have and we can calculate it for you.

Do you have a price list?

Please send an email to [email protected] and we can provide a price estimate based on your project requirements.

Do you offer training?

Yes, please check on our training page for upcoming dates.

Do you provide a full package – construction, engineering etc.?

We provide on-site training and support in all aspects of building with the product.

We have working relationships with structural engineers and specifiers who are conversant in detailing Durisol to the current codes, as well as contractors who have experience of building with it. We are happy to put you in contact with our industry friends to support these aspects of your project.

Can I arrange a visit to the manufacturing facility?

Yes, please speak to a member of the Durisol team to arrange a visit.

Can I visit a site that is using the Durisol system?

Yes, please speak to a member of the Durisol team to arrange a visit.

Do you deliver?

Yes, various sizes of lorries can be specified. It is the customer’s responsibility to specify if there is access for an arctic and to arrange the unloading.

Do you sell direct?

Most of our product is sold direct, although it can be put through a merchant.

Is the product available immediately?

There is a 4-6 week lead time dependant on stock levels.


View our technical resources

Do you have technical information?

Yes, please refer to the technical section of the website.

Do you have CAD details?

These are all downloadable here.

Can you provide structural calculations and advice on reinforcements?

We can advise on this but will put you in touch with a qualified structural engineer as required.

Is Durisol mass poured concrete?

Durisol can be mass poured concrete or reinforced depending on the requirement of the project.


Can Durisol be used to build underground?

Yes, it is approved for use underground.

Can I build a basement with Durisol?

Yes, but it would need to be waterproofed as with traditional construction.

Can I build a swimming pool with Durisol?

Yes, swimming pools have been built with Durisol and it is ideal as swimming pools now come under building regulations and need to be insulated.

Certification, Insurance and Regulation

Does Durisol have certification?

Yes, the product has BBA and LABC certification.

Is Durisol insurable?

Yes, Durisol has several certifications and supports several insurance options.

Are there any issues in getting a mortgage on a Durisol house?

Mortgage lenders will generally approve modern construction methods. Durisol has all the relevant certification which is available on request.

Will I be likely to encounter any problems with building control if I use Durisol?

Durisol is LABC technically approved.

Building With Durisol

How easy is it to cut Durisol units?

Anything that will cut wood will cut Durisol. For several cuts a reciprocating saw is ideal.

What do I do at corners and around openings?

There are three models of units – a corner unit is used on a corner, face units are used around openings, for lintels and as stop ends.

Is Durisol cheaper to build with than traditional build methods?

For comparable u values, yes it is and it can be built in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, saving up to 30%.

Can Durisol be built in all weathers?

Yes, including rain, snow and low temperatures.

You may be interested in the following article about a build that continued throughout December and early January despite temperatures as low as -4 and never reaching above 2 degrees centigrade: Build in all weather with Durisol Insulated Concrete Form

Do Durisol units form the lintels?

Yes, in conjunction with rebar.

How much rebar do I put in?

A structural engineer will specify.

Does the insulation sit on the inside or the outside of the wall?

The units should be laid with the insulation at the outside of the wall, to allow the thermal mass benefits of the concrete.

What concrete do I use?

The concrete specification is very important. It should be C30 strength, 10mm to dust aggregate, a slump between 180 and 220mm and a pumpable mix. See the Durisol Technical Building Guide.

Does the concrete have to be pumped?

No, it can be put in by crane, loader bucket or with a bucket.

What type of pump do I use?

It’s very dependent on-site access and the size of the build. Please speak to a member of the Durisol team for further information.

How much concrete will I need?

As a guide, for our D170, D300 and D365 units, you will require 1 cube of concrete per 10sqm of wall. For D250 units, you will need to allow approximately 1 cube per 7sqm of wall.

How do I fix to Durisol?

You can use course threaded cutter screws.

How do I put floors into Durisol?

Please refer to the Durisol Technical Building Guide.

How do I fix the wall plate?

The wall plate is bolted into the concrete, as shown in the Durisol Technical Building Guide.

What type of finishes can I use?

Durisol can support the majority of external and internal finishes including render, brick, timber cladding and stone cladding.