Durisol is suitable for all types of commercial build projects such as housing developments, apartment blocks, leisure complexes, care homes and schools.

Its major benefit is the ease and speed of construction which reduces the time and cost of commercial development. Unlike traditional build methods, it can be constructed in all conditions avoiding potential costly delays due to adverse weather. Labour costs are reduced as it does not require highly skilled and scarce tradespeople who can be expensive to employ.

Durisol enables easy compliance with UK building regulation requirements right through to achieving the high standards of Passivhaus. The U-values and PSI values that can be achieved exceed traditional cavity and timber frame construction values.

Chasing for electrics and plumbing is easy and fast. All flooring systems can be used with Durisol and it can accommodate almost all manner of claddings with it including render, brick, brick render, timber cladding and rain screen cladding.

We can provide free training for your building team and technical on-site support during critical stages of the build such as the concrete pour.

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