Durisol woodcrete ICF was introduced to the international construction industry in the 1940’s.

The first ICF, Durisol, was developed in Belgium in 1937 by the Swiss nationals August Schnell and Alex Bosshard (following on from a Dutch patent registered in 1932.)

Initially manufactured in Austria, the Durisol product developed following the creation of a unique, natural treatment process that allowed raw wood fibre to be bonded with Portland cement. The original Durisol stay-in-place concrete wall formwork system serviced the building industry in post-war Europe, at a time when other natural resources were scarce and traditional building methods were not possible or cost effective.

Production began in earnest in 1947 and since then Durisol has been proven throughout the world across many different applications. Durisol now operates worldwide as a manufacturer of cement-bonded wood fibre products, with 14 manufacturing locations throughout the world.

Durisol woodcrete ICF was introduced to the UK in 2005. We manufacture at our factory in Crumlin, South Wales and sell our woodcrete ICF wall form units throughout the UK and Ireland.

We supply to self-builders, house developers and social housing providers for a wide variety of build projects. Please browse our Featured Projects to see some of the buildings that have been constructed with Durisol woodcrete ICF.

Our sales and support team are all experienced in the construction industry. They are on hand throughout each building project to support even the most novice of builders and ensure a successful build.

Our Team

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    Neil Bussey

    Managing Director
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    Derek Atkins

    Development Manager
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    Robert Squires

    National Business Development Manager

    Region: South West

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    Amanda Lavender-Callow

    Business Development Manager

    Region: Wales & Midlands