The Material

Durisol wall form units are formed from cement-bonded wood fibre material.

The specially graded recycled waste wood is initially chipped into wood fibre and then mineralised and bonded together with a combination of Cem 1 cement and Cenin (a cement substitute that has a very low carbon content). Recycled Durisol wall form units are also used as part of the mixing process, as it acts as a filler.

Limestone grit is added to the mix for internal wall units, as it helps with acoustic properties.

The cement-bonded wood fibre mix is then moulded and stamped out to form the many shapes that comprise the full range of Durisol wall form units. Once the Durisol units have been produced, external wall units are filled with PIR insulation.

Properties of the Durisol Material

Durisol cement-bonded wood fibre insulated concrete forms are porous, lightweight and very durable. They do not rot nor decay. Our insulated concrete forms are also vermin and insect proof and will not support fungus growth.

Durisol ICF forms are environmentally safe, do not contain nor emit any toxic elements, and are fully recyclable. They contain no plastic, foams or polystyrenes.

Durisol wood concrete insulated forms are truly a green and healthy product. 90% of our ICF blocks are made from recycled material, softwood aggregates which are by-products of the timber industry.